Sr. Inigo, SSA
Every Tuesday we have Bible study in Jail No: 3 at Tihar, Delhi. The participants are the inmates – mostly from Africa, a few from India and other countries. After reading the Bible, they share their insights and deep convictions.
Gemma Carvalho, Bangalore
I would like to share how I committed myself to the Blessed Virgin Mary to start the Rosary Crusade and to work for ‘World Peace and the Salvation of Mankind.’
Father Peyton was known as “The Rosary Priest”, because he spent his whole priestly life spreading the devotion to Mary and especially the Rosary prayer throughout the world. Father Peyton’s lifelong devotion to the Rosary and family prayer is one of the most inspiring stories of the Church in modern times
Justice Kurian Joseph
When we are dependant on them, Jesus and Mary cannot abandon us. Apart from the family prayer, my wife and I also used to say a rosary together, all by ourselves. We have personally experienced that the rosary brings peace to the family, especially in personal relationships. Recently, we have also made it a practice to say the rosary early in the morning as soon as we wake up. We are grateful to Jesus and our Mother that our children are also growing in devotion to the rosary.
Actually, a lot of problems coming up in married life arise out of expectations that are not really spoken of. I have an expectation and he has his own expectation, but we have never discussed this before: “what is my role?... what is your role?... how do we see our roles in the married situation?...” That is a big iss
Albert & Rosalind, Bangalore.
We discovered early in our married years that both of us have been blessed with a love for the Word of God. Since then God provided us plenty of opportunities to learn and share the Word of God among ourselves, in small-groups and in several seminars and retreats.
Leonie Manicame, Karaikal, T.N
For years, I prayed for people who were dear to me, but had no faith in God. I had the privilege of being with them at the end of their life. I helped them to prepare themselves for death and to receive the sacraments before they died. Thus I know a number of people who don’t believe in God. Our prayer group meets every month to pray for those who have lost faith in God, are sick or victims of bad habits.