S Rita
I was born to very poor parents. We are eight children and I am the third. Soon after I passed my SSLC, I got married. My husband was 36 years and I was only 21 at the time of our marriage. The difference in our age did not bother us in any way. My husband was working in Bahrain at that time.
Cyril Dsouza
In today’s world migration has become very common. As the saying goes – the only thing that is constant is change. Through improved means of communication and other facilities the communications and closeness can be maintained to a certain extent which helps to relieve the situation, but cannot substitute a personal interaction and presence.
Rohan Yemkar
I am here in this prison cell hopelessly waiting to be freed. I wonder if it will be possible one day. Many times I think of my innocent children who are studying in primary section and how I orphaned them. I just don't know how I committed the crime.
Not long ago, somewhere in the outskirts of Amsterdam, the beautiful lilting song of a little bird was heard. Its mate, quick to recognize the titillating tune, responded with an equally bewitching song. This would go on for some time till the birds met and flew around the growing suburbs of the city.
This is an interview for you Mr. George and Mrs Maggie C.L. and their daughter Deepa on Family Prayer.
Hervé Morissette
I have been serving as a priest in India for 55 years. During all those years, I had the privilege of being a minister of God’s mercy to thousands of people in the sacrament of Reconciliation. That gave me the opportunity to witness so many conversions and experience deep spiritual joy, especially when I saw people coming back to the Father after many years of infidelity.
Anita & Lukose
Both of us come from deeply religious Catholic families. At our respective homes, faith in Christ was unquestionably fundamental to our lives. Therefore, when we committed ourselves to each other in 1991, Christ was at the center of our relationship.