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You are the light of the world


Retreats, perfectly based on Catholic teachings mainly for parish community, married couples, youth or children. Marian retreats are specifically aimed at helping the participants to meditate on the face of Jesus with His Mother beside them. The psycho-spiritual retreats would take the groups as well as individuals into an inner healing process and better knowledge of one’s/their own self. Classes on family life, youth issues and child related issues, classes on spirituality, personality growth, relationships, communication etc. will enable participants to have a wholesome look at one’s own life as a faithful in the modern world.

1 day/3 days/5 days of Retreat

Contact Details:

Fr. Agi T. Paul CSC
The Programme Coordinator
Holy Cross Family Ministries

“Peyton Centre”,
#294, 3rd Cross, 6th Main
Viveknagar – 560047​
Bangaluru, South India

E-Mail : hcfmindia@gmail.com
Mobile N WhatsApp : +91 9900285205