Family Institute


Thy Word



Joyful, loving families, where all members strive to actualize and reach their full potential as true children of God and responsible global citizens.


  1. Guided by the Spirit of Christ and the vision of Fr. Patrick Peyton - the founder of Holy Cross Family Ministries, we strive
  2. To establish and promote harmony within families.
  3. By enabling and empowering Asian families to become witnesses of Gospel values who respond responsibly to the challenges of the modern world.
  4. Through a trained team of pastoral agents, educators and institutions to assist individuals and families to grow and also fulfill our vision.
  5. And to counter the negative forces of violence, exploitation, neglect and abuse.


  1. To make available qualified and competent personnel to deliver counseling services for individuals, couples and the family as a whole to victims of addictions, abuse and violence and to families/individuals who seek relationship-counseling.
  2. Provide assistance to victims of violence, neglect, exploitation and abuse and help them to get justice, healing and appropriate rehabilitation.
  3. Train and empower competent resource persons, who will in turn train families/couples.
  4. Train and accompany teams of lay collaborators to reach out to needy families/marriages.
  5. Offer assistance in reaching a healthy work-life balance.
  6. Become a catalyst in assisting the families both to form value-based ideals and priorities and to acquire necessary skills to achieve them.


  1. Create awareness within families and among the wider public regarding violence against women/children within and outside families, neglect, exploitation and abuse, and educate them about ways of preventing/dealing with such problems.
  2. Network with Church authorities at various levels and various social institutions to introduce programmes on marriage and family.
  3. Engage with Corporates , Parishes, other Church related networks and educational institutions to promote programs and conduct research on family issues.
  4. Work with youth and youth organizations to cultivate values and relationships for promoting healthy families
  5. Offer retreats, seminars, courses and spiritual guidance to couples, youth, children and families.
  6. Develop educational and training resources for training of educators, pastoral agents, lay collaborators and families.
  7. Prepare documentaries and course-material on marriage and family for use in workshops, retreats, training programs, etc.
  8. Prepare and maintain documentation and an extensive library on family and marriage.
  9. Organize and conduct scientific research on issues relevant to the well-being of the family.
  10. Publish books and magazines/journals that deal with issues relevant to the well-being of the family.
  11. Use existing educational and social institutions to reach out to the families of children and staff in these institutions.
  12. Organize and conduct well-defined and professionally managed residential courses for pastoral agents who intend to become effective in working with families. We will strive to obtain a valid university certificate for the courses.
  13. Organize and conduct competitions among students and youth to create awareness about issues that are relevant to the well-being of the family.
  14. Organize/conduct workshops for various age groups to inculcate in them respect for women in the family and in the society.
  15. Offer professional counseling, and if needed immediate legal assistance and/or referrals, to victims of domestic violence, especially women and children.
  16. Organize and conduct workshops/sessions for the youth in order to cultivate in them values and attitudes that enable responsible and meaningful relationships.