Marriage Enrichment Program


Family that prays together stays together


“Every effort should be made to strengthen and develop pastoral care for the family, which should be treated as a real matter of priority, in the certainty that future evangelization depends largely on the domestic Church.” – Pope John Paul II

HCFM organizes marriage enrichment programs to help couples live their life of commitment. Train in their responsibilities as they face the new problems that arise, in mutual service, and in active sharing. Some of the Themes that are being dealt:

  1. Art of Communication: We always communicate whether we use words or actions as part of our communication. The way we communicate with each other matters, either builds or tears down the relationship. Since effective communication involves skills, these skills can be learned and our relationships strengthened.
  2. Joy of Raising Children : Parents have a huge responsibility in raising their children in these challenging times. If parents do not teach the children then the world will teach them in its own way that the parents may not like. Our workshop focuses on how parenting can be exciting and fun.
  3. Forgiveness is a precursor to healing: We do not need to take the scars of the past as burdens into the future. We can learn from the past, resolve those impediments that stand in our way to emotional growth through forgiveness and move on to achieve our purpose in life. Forgiveness not only heals us but helps us to heal others through our positive influence.
  4. Emotional Intelligence: The thoughts, feelings and behaviors contribute towards formation of personality in a person. How could the awareness of the personality of yours and your spouse's help you to strengthen your marital relationship. How can these traits, though innate within the couple, be used to complement and not to compete with each other.
  5. Intimacy: When a husband and wife are bonded together in love that includes intimacy, commitment and passion that they are bound to have a greater understanding and clear direction.
  6. Money Matters: One of the reasons for marriages to end is financial mismanagement. If this issue is so severe then it is better that this skill of financial management be learnt so that not just one spouse takes the supreme position of maintaining all financial resources in a family. It is the responsibility of every person in the family.
  7. Family of Origin: The dynamics that have been played in our families of origin many a times are unconsciously brought into our nuclear family interactions. Bringing to awareness our motives, feelings and behaviors can be liberating and as well as empowering.