Holy Cross Family Ministries (HCFM) ministers to various needs of the families. Holy Cross Family Institute is primarily will be established for the welfare of the families in need and for the migrant families in Bangalore. In the recent past, we notice that Bangalore is the hub of Migrant families due to job opportunities. There is an increased number of migrants. Hence the problems faced by the migrant families in Bangalore. Disunity, financial independence, low-end, low value and hazardous work are the most frequent causes of the family problems of the migrants.

Holy Cross Family Institute also focuses its attention on Migrants. We motivate, accompany and empower migrants to overcome the constraints and deprivations they face: denial of rights and entitlements, lack of access to state provided services, exclusion from legal rights, banking, protection and social security systems, vulnerability to ethnic, religious, caste, class and gender discrimination, vulnerability to abuse, trafficking and exploitation at the work place as well as emotional and spiritual crises. Holy Cross Family Institute will establish various contact centers across Bangalore, where the migrant couples can meet, discuss and find new meaning in their married life.