In collaboration with the CFM – India
It is with the intention of strengthening the faith of our family members that the topics for this present book have been carefully chosen. These topics have been further worked out under the heading of See, Discern and Act. They have been worked out by eight different people who have a certain experience in these various areas of life so that they may better address the issue at hand. We only hope that these topics will generate some interesting and useful discussion in our various CFM groups, which will further help us to grasp our faith better and inspire us to gradually grow as disciples of the Lord Jesus.
Hervé Morissette, CSC
More than 70 years ago, Servant of God Father Patrick Peyton, CSC, the founder of the Family Rosary Crusade, coined a slogan that inspired millions of Catholics all over the world to pray every day with their families. It is with a renewed vision that we wish to fulfill the invitation addressed to us by Jesus when he says that we “ought always to pray and not lose heart” (Lk 18: 1). This book, which contains all kinds of prayers suited to various events in family life, will help the family members to achieve that goal.
In collaboration
In caring for the family, the various Family Movements play a key role… What every Movement needs is resource materials for its meetings. This is where these “Inquiry Papers” will be an invaluable help. Besides providing useful texts and documents to be read by every CFM member, the book furnishes a ready made format for 15 meetings on various themes related to the family.
Hervé Morissette, CSC
This is a good guide to marital spirituality. Scripture texts as well as personal stories help us to grasp the meaning of marital spirituality. The book is a good boost to improve a couple’s intimacy and grow in mutual trust. In order to handle conflicts that come on the way, the book extends the invitation to grow in the spirit of forgiveness… I see the purpose of this books as encouraging couples to take steps to dialogue.