We are Clive & Kathy Jones. We very recently celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary! We have 4 adult children and 11 grandchildren. We live in Co. Cork, Ireland. We experienced Retrouvaille in 2006, the same weekend we celebrated our 40thanniversary!  We had been going through a very difficult time and communication between us had become almost non-existent.

Retrouvaille is for marriages in pain, difficulty, misery. That weekend was a landmark in our marriage, which had become a sad shell, following a10 year period of illness and depression. We had grown away from each other and lived very separate lives. We had lost a sense of common purpose and intimacy and were drifting, like a boat without a sail or compass. Retrouvaille opened our eyes to each other and showed us a way of growing towards each other again, provided the sail and compass for ‘our little boat’. We had a clear destination for our marriage. We realised we are not alone in this, Jesus is part of our Sacrament, he supports us, encourages us, and journeys with us each day.

So, you won’t be surprised to know we became involved in this amazing ministry!  What an adventure that has been! We have found the most encouraging and joyful place for us to spend our time and love. Retrouvaille motivates us, gives us a huge sense of purpose as well as continuing good nourishment for our own marriage. We are passionate and responsive to the importance of freely giving what we have freely received, to serve as a couple, from our Sacrament of Matrimony and from our renewed love for each other.

Being part of the Retrouvaille Ministry of is a central part of our life. We see with our own eyes how God’s mercy and forgiveness brings enormous healing and health.  We are, time and again, struck by the vulnerability of the couples who come. They are without pretence. They make a huge Act of Faith in attending and that Faith is rewarded by a renewal of Hope and the glimmer of renewed Love for each other. It is a humbling and at the same time enriching experience. To make a difference to the life of one couple, one family is inspiring and motivating.  We have been privileged to meet many couples across many countries and continents on the Retrouvaille programme, couples who had almost lost hope, in pain and seeking help. Through presenting the Retrouvaille programme, we have witnessed how the loving heart of Jesus can heal couples and their broken hearts and how the children of these marriages also experience healing. This healing ripples out to extended family, friends, church community and world.

For Kathy & I, Retrouvaille is a light in the darkness of pain, misery, disillusionment and loss of hope, just like this magazine is when it arrives in our homes!

Kathy and I are involved in helping Retrouvaille to be more widely known in countries and communities across Asia, Africa, Europe and beyond. We cannot imagine any better way to live our marriage with passion and conviction. We are truly privileged and blessed. Being part of the Retrouvaille Ministry has changed our lives, given us a meaningful sense of purpose, and as long as we are able, we will answer Jesus’ call to share His love.

We call on you to come and experience Retrouvaille, to grow closer as a couple and family and then share what you have received so that other couples in pain can benefit, and their children can grow up in an atmosphere of love in their homes, instead of anxiety or fear or both. We make a special plea to each priest reading this. We ask you to come and experience Retrouvaille and come alongside us couples so that our Church can truly minister to couples in need. Working together as Sacraments of Holy Orders and Matrimony brings additional fruits to this Ministry as well as the opportunity for personal growth and an experience of fruitful collaboration. With your presence, we can, together, make our Church more relevant and visible.

To each person reading this, we wish an experience of forgiveness, healing and a closer relationship with our loving God.

We remain His joyful servants,

Clive & Kathy