Cycle C: Mission Sunday
Hervé Morissette csc
Today, being Mission Sunday, we are invited to pray for missionaries all over the world, especially for those who have to proclaim the Gospel if difficult circumstances. In order to give a positive response to this invitation, I would like to draw your attention on the fact that all of us are “on a mission.”
Cycle C: The Assumption of Mary
Hervé Morissette csc
Today, we celebrate the feast of the Assumption of Mary who was taken up to heaven, body and soul.
Cycle C: Thirty-fourth Sunday of the Liturgical Year
Hervé Morissette csc
The last Sunday of the Liturgical Year is the day which the Church has chosen to celebrate the feast of Christ the King. In order to evoke the kingship of Christ, the Church could have chosen, as a Gospel Reading, one of his parables or one of his miracles which speak about the kingdom of God. Instead, the Church invites us today to look at Jesus hanging on the cross
Cycle C: Thirty-third Sunday of the Liturgical Year
Hervé Morissette
During the last 200 years, archaeologists have unearthed astonishing ruins from very ancient civilizations. They have found the ruins of ancient cities, temples and palaces. They have restored monuments and statues. They have discovered the tombs of men and women who lived thousands of years before us. They have even deciphered the secrets of their languages