Family Theater


Witness the Gospel



To retell the Gospel and Prophetic Message of Christ through media and thus make the families and the individuals to hear and see God’s abound Love and to share the same with one another.


To help the families and individuals, through media as initiated by Servant of God Fr. Patrick Peyton csc., and thus enable them to hear and see the GOSPEL that CHRIST Lived and Preached.


  1. To use Media as a place of productive mission field. Through Short films, video clippings, hymns, blogs, websites, power points, we create a way to share the Good News in an invitational, non-confrontational, Christ-honoring manner.
  2. Assist people to pray by developing Prayer & Ministerial Tools like printed materials and audio video hymns, power point presentations etc.,
  3. Use Media to help preparing our young people for life in family and society.
  4. Enable media as a tool to enhance families and society and for the community building activities.
  5. Through video presentations and documentaries help in creating awareness about the world and to know what is wrong and right.
  6. Through social media help bring the world together and to connect with other believers and encourage one another.
  7. Helps in research and analysis.


  1. Use the help of the media expertise to produce tools needed for the mission.
  2. Use the existing media networks to promote the Gospel values.
  3. Organize Media Education & Training
  4. Unearth the talents of the young ones who are creative and willing to use the bright side of Media for the mission.
  5. Use social media to reconnect with old friends and increasing our sphere of influence can lead to evangelistic opportunities unavailable elsewhere.
  6. Use Media to enhance Spiritual lives of people. It can serve as vehicle of prayer by providing inspiration, encouragement and opportunities for worship to persons.
  7. Explore the possibilities of Family Theatre Production and its contributions to the needed places.