Welcome to Holy Cross Family Ministries


Come with joy into the presence of the Lord.

Ps 100:2


Welcome to the official website of the Holy Cross Family Ministries in India (HCFM-India) The Family is the backbone of the human society. Participate in the dream of Father Peyton who longed that the family is ever united and the world ever at peace. His famous sayings to the gatherings were: “The Family that Prays Together Stays together.” and “A world at Prayer is a world at Peace.”


AIR 102.9 FM 25th December 5:30pm


There will a Christmas message by Fr. Morissette, csc on the AIR followed by carol singing. Tune into 102.9 FM at 5:30pm on the 25th of December.


Prayer for Beatification


Lord God, Father Peyton devoted his priestly life to strengthening the families of the world by calling them to pray together every day, especially the Rosary. We ask you, therefore, to hasten the day of his beatification so that your faithful people everywhere who remember his message that "the family that prays together stay together," will imitate him in his devotion to the Mother of your Son, and will be inspired by his holy life to draw ever closer to you with childlike confidence and love. We ask this through Christ our Lord.


Prayer for a Favor through Peyton


we ask that you bring many to know and imitate the virtues of your servant, Father Patrick Peyton, and to benefit by his devotion to you and to the service of others. We ask you through his intercession to grant us the favor of (state your intention) May his life inspire us to follow his example, and may the recognition of his virtues bring honor to the Church and glory to your name.